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Stamped Part Fixture

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Turnkey Design and Build

Getting our turnkey design and build means one point of contact for problem solving, engineering, fabrication, troubleshooting and final build!

You can find the tooling you need at Crum Manufacturing, Inc. Our tools are made from 303 stainless steel or aluminum and range from less than 0.125 "to over 4" in diameter. You can find whatever cap designs you are looking for here!


From miscellaneous components and emergency parts to prototyping, we have all the necessary equipment, engineering proficiency, and manufacturing expertise to promptly and effectively respond to your specific needs.

Specializing In Formed Hose Tooling

Crum Manufacturing, Inc. designs custom inspection fixtures that can be custom fit to items in your factory from legible 2D print, CAD File, or coordinate block.


Any time you call us to design your fixtures we are prepared to send you these items for review and approval. Contact us today if you want to see your products before you pay!

Highest Quality Inspection Fixtures

Resourceful and cost conscious we strive for the highest quality and value added solution.

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