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Successful Universal Robot Projects Include


o   Pick and Place

o   Vision Guidance

o   Resistive Welding

o   Plasma Cleaning

o   Sealant application  

o   Quality check / image retention

o   Machine Tending

o   Trumpf Laser Machine Tending

o   Robot - 7th Axis Movement

o   Corrugate loading

o   Case Packing



The Best In Automation Solutions

Crum Manufacturing will take time to listen to your needs and will advise you on how to approach your project.

CRUM will assist in the evaluation of your existing automation system and provide solutions to update your hardware and software. Once the assessment is complete, we will provide a budget, scope and specifications.


Crum offers customers an array of solutions in robotic integration. We have experience in developing and implementing robotic solutions that will improve production and quality.


We can provide any level of support for your robotic needs from conceptual evaluations to turnkey solutions that give you the ROI you’re looking for.

Robotic Integration

Crum has diverse engineering experience to custom design machinery to meet your specifications. We strive to ensure that your new custom machinery will perform exceptionally and last you for

years to come.


We handle all phases of a custom machine build project including machining, welding, assembly, pneumatics, debugging, and check-out.

Custom Equipment

Crum offers advanced conveyor solutions for transportation of a wide variety of product sizes and shapes.


Efficient designs enable minimal system footprint and integrate with other material handling components for a complete automated system. Fabricated in-house, we can provide slider beds, roller beds, and chain conveyor models.


Learn more about us here.

Custom Conveyors Made In-House

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